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Puppy Requirements

Requirements To Acquire 

A Borzoi Passion Puppy

We screen potential owners very carefully. Please see requirement below and make sure you are in compliance

with it before contacting us.

  1. We place puppy only in the house with minimum 0.25 acres of fenced backyard. 

  2. Fence should be minimum 5 feet high.

  3. Puppy should be supervised 24/7.

  4. We do not recommend crating puppy while you are working.

  5. Crate or carrier should be provided for puppy transportation.

  6. Borzoi should be always on leash when walking outside of the fenced areas.

  7. We do not recommend attending dog parks. Borzois have been attacked by other breeds because of their size. (8 stitches in my first Borzoi).

  8. Prospective owner should follow feeding instruction provided by us.

  9. You should plan your budget for medical bills in case of emergency.

  10. Puppy should be socialised with other dogs and people.

  11. We do recommend positive reinforcement for training.  Borzoi don't like negativity.

  12. We require video call with prospective owners to verify fenced backyard. We will check your property 

    ownership and we require references from your Veterinary clinic.

Please contact us if you are interested in adopting one of the puppies from our most recent litter.

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